Campaigning across the district has given me the opportunity to listen to the citizens of CD33. They are concerned with the fact that CD33’s unemployment, average income, and High School drop out rate are among the highest in Texas. I am running because I know the citizens, of this district, have been underserved. As Congressman of CD33, I will make the success of this district as my priority because I will always put PEOPLE ABOVE POLITICS!  



As a 20+ year cancer survivor, I understand the need for healthcare reform. It must be affordable and accessible. Our healthcare system needs to accommodate patients in rural, urban, and suburban areas. I look forward to bringing my experience and using it as an asset in providing better coverage to the citizens of CD33.

Tax Cuts


The leadership of the Democrat Party has said they would end the tax cuts that small businesses, like mine, have used to create more jobs. The tax cuts have allowed millions of employers to provide bonuses and hire additional workers. My opponent did not vote for the tax cut. In CD33 we have record unemployment. My first priority is to help create a positive business climate fostering much needed economic growth for our district.



I have traveled the world in my service to the nation. I understand what attracts people to the American dream. We want everyone to be able to experience it. Legally. We are a nation of laws, not men. We owe it to all Americans to reform our immigration policies. Personally, our family has been through the legal immigration process. It is not easy! I am equipped to create a better system for future Americans that want to continue the success of this nation we all love.



As a veteran, it was my greatest honor to have been entrusted with the care of America’s sons and daughters. I was honored to work alongside America’s finest every day. You can tell the character of a nation by how it cares for it’s veterans and law enforcement. Sadly, twenty-two of our finest are committing suicide every day. In Congress, I will work with the VA and DOD to find ways to better serve these brave men and women.


National Debt

Twelve years ago our debt was $12 Trillion. Government spending has escalated at such a rapid pace that we are now at a deficit of $21T! The money to feed this beast comes from us, the people. In our own homes and businesses we save, make cuts, and/or we stop spending when our spending exceeds our income. It’s about time we had a government that operated the same way!



My wife and I have three children in the public school system. I want to help educators find joy again in teaching, parents be a partner in the process, and get government mandates out! That is a combination for educational success.



I am 100% pro-life. Life is a gift from God and should be protected.


Job Growth

Under President Trump our GDP has reached 4.1%. This is a tremendous boom for our nation. As a business man, I would not ‘resist’ any positive growth that would directly benefit the people of CD33.


2nd Amendment

As a 20 year retired military veteran, I understand the importance of firearms for personal protection, and the value of an armed military force. I believe as the 9th District Court just ruled in July 2018 that the right to carry is a right in the U.S. Constitution. I will work to make sure that right is not infringed.

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