On The Issues

Health Care

As a cancer survivor for the last 20-years, Willie Billups understands the need for health care reform.

  • Health care needs to be affordable. The cost for health care is escalating beyond the point where middle class Americans can afford it.
  • Health care needs to be accessible. Our health care system needs to accommodate patients in rural areas, urban areas, suburban areas. Too often our rural areas see their clinics and hospital shutting down, leaving these folks without access to doctors and nurses to help maintain their health.

2nd Amendment

Willie Billups is a patriot and a military veteran. He understands having firearms for personal protection and the value of an armed military force.

  • Congress should not change our 2nd Amendment right to own firearms for personal protection.
  • Congress should continue to protect the rights of hunters and sportsmen’s to own firearms.


In his military service, Willie Billups traveled around the world. He understands the American dream and what attracts people from other countries to America.

  • America has legal immigration laws, and all immigrants need to follow these laws to come into our country.
  • Congress needs to make sure our current immigration policies are enforced and that people working in America on visas are here properly and for the correct amount of time.
  • Congress should not pass laws that penalize the minors and children born to illegal immigrants in America.