About Willie Billups

Willie Billups is a retired military officer and small business owner running for the U.S. House of Representatives for the Texas 33rd Congressional District.

Willie Billups at Marine Boot Camp

Willie Billups at Marine Boot Camp

A Cancer Survivor

In 1984, Willie lost his mother to Colon Cancer.  She was a single parent of 4-children.  Although she worked 3-jobs at the time, she was unable to afford quality healthcare.  In February 1998, Willie underwent a Colectomy to defeat the same disease his mother succumbed to.  As of February 2018, Willie celebrates 20 years over his victory of Colon Cancer.

A Veteran

A Service-Disabled Veteran, Willie Billups retired after 20-years of active duty with the Army and Marine Corps.  In the Marine Corps, Willie specialized in Aviation/Aircraft Maintenance. After 12-years of active duty, he switched to the Army, where he served as a pilot in both helicopters and airplanes.  In 2015, Willie retired from Fort Hood, TX as a pilot with 15th Military Intelligence Battalion, Intelligence and National Security Command (INSCOM).

A Husband & Father

Willie Billups is an entrepreneur who owns a logistics and transportation company.

Willie is a father of 4, and is supported by his wife, Hoshimi Billups.  Prior to marrying Hoshimi, Willie was single parent while serving on active duty in the Marine Corps. Willie and Hoshimi married in 2007, and have resided in Texas since 2012.

Aviation Professional

An alumnus of Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University, Willie graduated in 2003 with a B.S. Aeronautics.  Willie was an aircraft mechanic in the Marine Corps. In the Army, Willie piloted the UH-60 Blackhawk helicopter and the RC-12 Guardrail.  After retiring from the military, Willie joined SkyWest Airlines where he piloted the Bombardier CRJ-200/700/900 series aircraft from Chicago O’Hare airport.

Entrepreneur & Business Owner

Before joining SkyWest Airlines, Willie founded a transportation company.  He competitively bid and were awarded contracts with the State of Texas, and the Federal Government.  Today, Willie still operates his trucking company in the DFW metroplex.

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